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When I first met Chad, a strapping young man with a smile that could melt anybody’s heart and went fashion shopping together, Chad would point out tops or frocks that he fancied, thinking that they would look nice (sexy) on me. Yep, I agree, points for experiencing clothes shopping with your partner in the first place!

However I noticed that the majority of potentially alluring numbers Chad had selected were not soft or warm coloured, but rather cool, like fuchsia or eggplant purple with a generous dose of black or white to boot. I may have appreciated the pattern and cut, but explained how the colouring would not suit my warm, feminine (tongue in cheek) complexion. If you have a dark cloud hanging over your head regarding the colouring and complexion reference, I will be covering more of about this topic in our future blog posts. Something tells me though that you may already ‘get’ the whole colour combo thing, because if you didn’t give a toss about colour, you probably wouldn’t be reading this page.

It was at that moment when I scanned the endless span of dress racks, that I couldn’t for the life of me, identify a warm coloured garment. You know – the yellows and reds associated with summer, earth and fire. The temperature of colour schemes is consistently explained in any art, design and photography discipline, but where was the balance of the colour wheel in the world of fashion?

Good question we hear you ask, well then stay tuned for more on our Colour Raven journey.

By the way, we are based in Adelaide, Australia and would love to hear from you ~ tell us what you’re searching for in your wardrobe x

Marie and Chad Arthur

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