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What is in a name?

Colour Raven

After returning from Melbourne, Chad and I commenced studies learning the fundamentals of design.

We are explorers at heart, but while studying design, we became even more observant toward our surroundings. Adelaide has a vibrant art culture, all be it small, so we became more involved – attending exhibitions, fashion shows and community events.

Our thirst for exploring creative excellence even led us to study a 12 week part-time course introducing us to every aspect of radio at the Australian Radio School. The second half of 2014 proved to be the key unlocking our creative juice volt and towards the end of that year we remembered our passion for fashion.

Names of a potential fashion label were thrown around light heartedly. When the words ‘Colour Raven‘ rolled off Chad’s tongue, we knew instantly that the name resonated.  The raven, most commonly referred to as a ‘crow’ by the locals, is a popular imposing bird in southern and eastern Australia. Known to some Aboriginal people as an important spiritual species. Even one of the local footy teams is known as the Adelaide Crows. Ravens are extremely intelligent, ruthless when they need to be, but also have a fun, sociable nature. A Raven’s full plumage is glossy black.

The name Colour Raven represents the region we hail from and the colour, other than black, we are adopting into our designs.


Loves design, music, nature and freedom.

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